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Workshop Description

"Supporting Adults to Connect to Children"

Presenter:  Constant Hine

Our goal is to ensure the high quality of relationships we all know are essential for high quality early childhood programs. This workshop offers supervisors in early childhood programs to experience a portion of Connecting To  Children, a staff development program for early childhood educators, to see how this constructivist approach to professional development can support their staff’s own understanding of how to positively influence children’s lives. 

In this workshop we will reflect on and discuss our own behaviors, practices, successes and frustrations in influencing our staff.  We will explore our own learning through the basic 3 step structure to natural learning (Investigation, Representation & Interpretation and  Co-constructing understanding) which is the approach used in Connecting To Children. We will build our understanding from our shared experiences in much the same way we would like our staff to learn, so they can better connect to children.  Essentially we will examine how to walk our talk in influencing others.

Connecting To Children, enables staff to make discoveries that are authentic, life altering, and foster real and sustainable change in how educators interact with children.  It’s a simple curriculum that fosters and documents deep learning outcomes.  Educators discover how they can help children be who they are.

Learner Outcomes and Objectives:

  • Discuss our own behaviors, practices, successes and frustrations in influencing others.
  • Distinguish demanding and non-demanding talk - Learn to talking informatively.
  • Construct a shared understanding of how the basic 3 step structure of natural learning can foster staff effectiveness.
  • Describe the impact authentic documentation of staff effectiveness could have on children, their families and the school.

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