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Workshop Description
"Preparing Powerful Presentations"
Presenter:  Constant Hine

This workshop was designed to help presenters reflect, organize and plan when preparing a presentation or workshop.   This workshop will provide a simple overview of basic elements of powerful presentations, present a menu of choices for how you might begin planning a presentation and to introduce approaches and techniques to keep your focus on the learner’s needs and to support you to keep learning and improving as a presenter. 

The following are the four main ideas we will explore in this workshop:

1.  What Do I Want The Audience To Learn? 

Identify the main ideas and key points of the content of the presentation.

2.  How Will The Audience Interact with the Content?

Once we are clear what the content is, what we want to present, then it’s time to think about how we want to present the information so the learner engages with the content.

3.  How Well Did The Audience Learn?

Several instructional strategies that serve as authentic assessment strategies will be introduced.  This helps us know our audience and their needs so the presentation can be successful in leading the audience to implement and take action.

4.  How Can I Improve My Ability To Present Powerful Presentations?  We will explore the importance of developing habits of excellence which include self reflection, self assessment and getting feedback and evaluations.

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