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Workshop Description

"Finding the Gem in Every Child" 

Presenter: Constant Hine

Constant will address the importance of developing a positive context for interactions and authentic relationships between adults and children to promote positive self esteem, meaningful learning, holistic development and growth in every child.

"Finding the Gem In Every Child" addresses the concept that relationships are the container for learning. Positive, nurturing relationship between adults and children are dependent on the adult's ability to find and focus on "what works" in every child. We must expand our ability to witness and support children based on their strengths, interests, passions, unique individual qualities, and diverse cultural backgrounds.

The goal of this session is to increase self awareness and assist adults to practice specific supportive interactions based on current brain research, using caring, respectful behaviors, authentic assessment and learning strategies to facilitate children. Another goal is to support adults to assist children to interpret and learn from their experience rather than focusing solely on direct instruction and 'teaching' content, information and data.

Constant will help us explore how we can and do make a difference - by being ALL of who we are. She will remind us how we are always making a difference with intention and awareness or unintentionally with lack of awareness. She'll help us reflect and become more aware how to make a difference in a way that is a contribution, from our hearts, in love and care for others. It's not always in what we do, but so often in our attitudes and who we be with one another. Let's be the true gem we each are shining from within

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