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Workshop Description

"Engaging Young Learners: The Teacher’s Role in Early Childhood Classrooms"

Presenter: Constant Hine

In this seminar we will be focusing on teaching strategies that are based on current research in brain development and multiple intelligences. These strategies not only promote curiosity but develop responsible behavior.

We will explore a variety of research skills to identify the diversity of strengths and needs of children, a variety of approaches to curriculum planning, coaching & facilitation techniques, as well as practical strategies for involving parents in your early childhood program. We will also be discussing the use of the environment and the development of learning centers to provide a variety of hands-on, meaningful learning experiences for young children.

There will be demonstrations of innovative teaching methods, the chance to self-reflect and share ideas with other teachers during the training. My goal is to help you to meet the diverse needs of young learners while engaging their minds, bodies and emotions in valuable learning experiences that foster a life-long love of learning.

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