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Workshop Description

"Developing Multiple Intelligences
in Children at School and Home"

Workshop Presenter: Constant Hine

This workshop introduces the 8 Multiple Intelligences. We will focus on how this systematic approach can increase the understanding of how to foster children's development, honor and meet their individual needs, and nurture the self esteem of each child by building on individual strengths and interests. We will explore practical ways to support children at home and in school to develop and honor the diverse ways children develop, learn, and can be smart by using the framework of the 8 intelligences.

Workshop goals:

To introduce the theory of Howard Gardner's 8 Multiple Intelligences.

To link this theory to practical strategies for educators, caregivers and parents.

To provide diverse instructional strategies, tools and alternative approaches to curriculum planning to meet diverse needs of children.

To provide a practical, systematic approach for building on individual strengths and interests of children in group settings, classrooms and at home.


  • Lecture

  • Large & small group discussion

  • Storytelling

  • Self Reflection activities

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