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Workshop Description
Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA):  Making the Program Work"
Presenter: Constant Hine

Length: Min. 3 hours


This training is designed for staff who are interested in learning about concrete strategies to promote children’s social/emotional health. Strategies are presented that focus on quality improvements for the classroom with the environment, curriculum and lesson plans. We will discuss and use planning strategies introduced in the DECA Classroom Strategies Guide.

Topics Covered:

  • Universal quality improvement strategies for the classroom to promote children’s social/emotional health.

  • Planning strategies for the class

  • Use of the DECA Classroom Strategies Guide.


  1. Review the use of the Reflective Checklists to improve the universal quality of programs to meet the social/emotional needs of ALL children.

  2. Use of the DECA Classroom Strategies Guide to implement classroom strategies

  3. Identify and implement specific classroom strategies that increase all three protective factors and decrease behavior concerns in children.

  4. Identify patterns and the link between the 5 Program Elements, the results of the Reflective Checklists, and the Classroom Profile in meeting the social/emotional needs of ALL children at the classroom level.

Constant is a nationally certified instructor of the (DECA) Devereux Early Childhood Assessment Program by the Devereux Foundation in Villanova, PA.

AV Needs:

  • LCD Projector and Screen

  • Extension Cord

  • Flip Chart and Markers

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