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Workshop Description

"Transforming Stress" 

Presenter: Constant Hine

The ability to “work smart,” effectively work with others and provide compassionate care is directly connected to our ability to make personal choices that reduce the negative impacts of stress in our lives. With an increase of information, demands and expectations coming at us daily, implementing practical self management strategies to transform stress is paramount for our professional success and personal well being.

We will explore common causes of stress that make us less effective, compassionate and patient in the workplace and with our families.  In this session you will clarify the personal impacts of and ways you respond to stress such as overwhelm, feeling pressured by lack of time and too much to do, negative mental attitudes, anxiety, fear, anger, disorganization, and chaos.

In this session participants will:

  • learn to identify the difference between internal and external demands.

  •  learn ways to be proactive rather than reactive to meet demands.

  •  to focus your attention on areas where you have choice to transform your ability to deal with stress and regain control within yourself.

  •  practical strategies to address issues of

  1. pace, space & time

  2. attention, focus & priorities

  3. efficiency & effectiveness

  4. calm, clarity & care.

AV Needs: Overhead projector, LCD projector, Flip Chart

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