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Workshop Description Summary pdf

Training Topics


For Educators, Care Givers and Parents
"Finding the Gem in Every Child"

"Who You Are Makes A Difference"

"The Silver Rule" (pdf)

"School Readiness & Best Practices" (pdf)

"Deepening Adult-Child Interactions"

"Developing Multiple Intelligences in Children at School and Home"

"Engaging Young Learners: The Teacher's Role in Early Childhood Classrooms"

"Strengthen Social-Emotional Skills Using the DECA"

"DECA: Making The Program Work"

Transforming Stress


Training Topics


For Administrators, Supervisors, Managers, Adult Educators
"Engaging Adult Learners"

"Preparing Powerful Presentations"

"Preparing Powerful Presentations: The Planning Process" (pdf)

"Engaging Adult Learners Through Multiple Intelligences"

"Coaching For Success & Sustainable Change Program" (pdf)

“Coaching For Success 10 Module Webinar Series" (pdf)   -  Listen to a free 30  minute Coaching for Success Introductory Webinar

Coaching For Success: Busting Barriers Webinar Series

"Polishing Staff Gems"

"Supporting Adults to Connect to Children"

"Transformative Communication"

"Supervising For Excellence"

"Engaging Adult Learners - Know Thy Audience"

Transforming Stress


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